The LG M2794D is a 27in 16:9 LCD screen with a ‘Full HD' resolution of 1,920x1,080 that doubles as television with its built-in Freeview TV tuner.

Externally the 27in LG M2794D looks good, its black casing exuding the kind of quality required of today's viewing devices. The views from the back of the screen offer plenty to enjoy too, and PC users will like the fact that you get two HDMI ports, plus separate DVI and RGB connectors. A couple of SCART connectors are included too, as are analogue YPbPr component video inputs/outputs.

While setting up a flat-panel is frequently a tricky process, the LG makes it a very simple job thanks to the remote control. Once the LG M2794D has spent around five minutes searching for available television channels (including Freeview), you can go through and change the myriad settings. Many of these centre upon the colour quality, and, in typical LG style, you can pick from a selection of different modes.

It would be nice if the LG M2794D had a dedicated button for flicking instantly between television and any available PC signals, but it only takes a matter of seconds to bring up the change input menu and find the right option (television, HDMI, DVI etc.)

The specifications are proficient, with the 400cd/m2 rating reflecting a very satisfactory level of brightness, and an apparent contrast ratio of 20,000:1 promised in DFC mode. Given the price tag, you obviously won't be expecting the LG M2794D's television quality to be matching that of the best plasma televisions.

However, with this in mind, we were pleased with the LG M2794D's quality. Colour levels are very satisfactory, with skin tones convincing and dark shades reasonably well defined. Compared to a 29in CRT, the image was significantly improved. Even with slightly poor reception, the screen was able to render an attractive picture.

It works pretty well as a PC monitor too, where images are reasonably sharp and fizzing with colour. You shouldn't expect the fireworks hinted at by the high contrast ratio, but there's no doubting that the LG M2794D's quality is on a par with that of the typical LG. And the 5ms response rate makes it a very stylish gaming screen too.


The LG M2794D should be a sound buy for the money. It works well as both a TV and PC monitor and, for those who want both functions within a single device, the M2794D is unlikely to prove a disappointment.