The styling and feel of the LG Flatron family of flatpanels has barely changed in several years. That's not a criticism, however: despite its rather chunky frame, the 22in LG Flatron W2271TC cuts a stylish figure.

Nice touches include the LG Flatron W2271TC's glossy casing and the eye-catching glowing blue flash that signifies the power's on. But the case does seem to attract anything that happens to be floating through the air.

LG fits a small camera into the casing and this, combined with the built-in microphone, makes the LG Flatron W2271TC a convenient screen for web conferencing.

The LG Flatron W2271TC's webcam

We also like the menu system. Logically-placed buttons and clearly labelled options make the LG Flatron W2271TC an easy flatpanel to navigate. Start to adjust any of the colour settings and a split-screen will show you simultaneous before and after images, so you know exactly what the effect of selecting each option will be.

As with all LG Flatron models, with the LG Flatron W2271TC you get one-button access to a variety of colour schemes.

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