The LG Flatron W2261V has a relatively clean and simple looking design, distinguished by an unusual clear plastic trim that runs along the underside of the glossy black screen bezel.

On the right side it appears to drip down, Dali fashion, just below the touch-sensitive standby button concealed within the bezel. In fact, the monitor also responds to a touch of its dripping appendage, switching it on or off and accompanied by a red light that diffuses through the plastic when it's on.

The LG Flatron W2261V'w screen sits low on its rounded stalk pillar and has only limited tilt capability; there's no way to raise or lower the screen, nor rotate it.

Three inputs are offered at the back of the LG Flatron W2261V, VGA D-Sub for analogue video, and two digital inputs in the shape of DVI and HDMI ports.

Screen quality is good, if not overly noteworthy. In our brightnes and colour consistency tests, there was no light leakage apparent and the LG Flatron W2261V's panel was mostly even across its whole surface.

The minor exception was in yellow/orange rendering, when the LG Flatron W2261V showed itself slightly brighter along the bottom; and in grey display, which revealed some random patchiness all across the screen. We found reds little oversaturated and difficult to adjust using the built-in controls, but a screen calibrator should be able to tune most of this out on a computer's video output.

Otherwise in the key areas of contrast, brightness and detail resolution, the LG Flatron W2261V's LCD showed itself to be of high quality for TN (twisted nematic) technology. Viewing angles were satisfactory, with the screen simply darkening when viewed at extreme off-axis angles.

To set up the LG Flatron W2261V, basic controls can be accessed through four multi-function buttons on the screen's right edge. These setup buttons were not always especially responsive, sometimes needing careful repeated presses to respond. One function found here - labelled ‘Fun' - includes Photo Effect, which allows you to change the display to monochrome or sepia effect. Also here is a 4:3 mode, effectively squeezing a widescreen output into the squarer aspect ratio.


The LG Flatron W2261V is a competent budget HD screen with no particular vices, and the virtue of HDMI as well as DVI digital inputs to extend its versatility. It adds a stylish standby switch that some may find appealingly different – and at the affordable price of around £160 the W2261V also represents good value for money.