LaCie’s 324i is an incredible piece of kit. We put this 24-inch LCD display through its paces using Photoshop and a standard Adobe Creative Suite 5 print workflow, and we weren’t disappointed.

The monitor delivered deep blacks and exceptional colour contrast from the moment it was switched on, with colour balance that looks great out of the box. That’s not surprising given the unit’s wide gamut, covering 98 per cent of the Adobe RGB colour space.

The LaCie 324i has a wealth of connectivity options, but they’re hidden away and can be tricky to get at.

The 324i’s multifunction stand can be easily tilted, swivelled, rotated, raised or lowered – and we could barely see a difference in colour or contrast even at extreme viewing angles. A check of the specs revealed a claimed viewing angle of 178 degrees.

As you’d expect of a 24-inch monitor, the 324i has a native resolution of 1,920-x-1,200 pixels. Oh, and you can split the screen if you like, displaying picture-in-picture content from two sources. Our gobs were suitably smacked.

The display is available on its own, or bundled with a hood and LaCie’s blue eye pro PE colour calibration software, or with both of those plus a colorimeter.

The colorimeter and software made for an easy-to-use combination. The difference post-calibration was subtle, which was testimony to the monitor’s ability to plug-and-play with our Mac, but we did notice some added crispness to vector edges in Illustrator.

The 324i has a gaggle of ports, supporting DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI and component video connectivity. Handily, it also features a built-in three-port USB hub, enabling you to keep scanner and printer close by. The positioning of the ports, at the bottom of the display and hidden behind a lip, was a little awkward, but it makes sense given the 324i’s ability to rotate into portrait mode.


A high-end display targeted squarely at the creative community, the LaCie 324i delivers stunning results. It’s one you’ll want on your desk.