First impressions of the 22in widescreen Iiyama Prolite E2201W monitor suggest it's nothing special - but first impressions can be deceiving.

Iiyama had a good reputation 10 years ago, but seems to have been drifting into the background since then. First impressions of the Iiyama Prolite E2201W suggest it's nothing special, with a bare minimum of features – DVI-D and D-Sub analogue sockets, and no extras at all.

The Iiyama Prolite E2201W's housing is bare-bones basic, with no frills. Slightly higher in the range there's a version with built-in speakers, although given how poor built-in speakers tend to be – they're never as good as stand-alones, because it's physically impossible to squeeze a good bass response out of a thin panel – it's not clear how appealing that option would be anyway.

In design terms, the Iiyama Prolite E2201W's black plastic bezel is plain. It's not trying to draw attention to itself by looking stylish, which makes it easier to tune out, but the finish is basic and not very refined.

Visually the Iiyama Prolite E2201W looks as if it would sit happily next to a generic PC, but if you care about looks, it's unlikely to blend so smoothly with a designer PC or a Mac.

The Iiyama Prolite E2201W's base is fixed. There's a tilt adjustment, but no swivelling and no variable height. This saves money and could make sense in some working environments, but it's going to be a no-hoper in others, because it makes it impossible to get the monitor into the most ergonomic position.

On-screen display (OSD) is reasonably straightforward, but not exceptional. The five buttons at the bottom right of the Iiyama Prolite E2201W's panel have a very firm and positive action, but their functions aren't labelled, so a fair amount of trial and error is needed to drive feature switching.

Our lab tests revealed good colour linearity – better than most of the competition – but also a bowed gamma curve that we couldn't fix with the OSD features. The Iiyama Prolite E2201W's video performance was good, with minimal smearing.


Overall the Iiyama Prolite E2201W is more likely to win on performance than style – but it's better than the budget price suggests, and excellent value. While it's not quite a top performer, it offers a price/performance ratio that's hard to beat, so long as you can live with the unexceptional looks and fixed-height stand.