The chunky, fully featured 24in widescreen HP W2408H makes itself as future-proof as possible, incorporating an HDMI input alongside one analogue and four USB 2.0 ports.

A contrast ratio of up to 3,000:1 impresses, as does the HP W2408H's better-than-average 400cd/m2 screen brightness and 16.8 million colours, even if we hoped for a better response rate than the standard 5ms.

Still, boasting a similar robust metal stand to the HP w1907V, the HP W2408H can be adjusted for height, tilted back and forth (up to 25 degrees), pivoted left and right and even rotated through 90 degrees for portrait-format viewing.

Mixing a shiny black screen surround with silver buttons and stand, the two-tone HP W2408H is an attractive option for those looking for something to blend seamlessly with their PC.

Operating the HP W2408H is plug-and-play from the off. The HP W2408H performs an automatic adjustment, while its menu options are clearly labelled. As with the w1907V, a Quick View mode lets you swap between presets for viewing movies, photos, gaming and text, along with a fifth custom setting.

The HP W2408H is therefore user-friendly and intuitive to operate.
The manufacturer has talked up the w2408H's capacity to produce vivid colours, and we're not inclined to disagree. It turns in an impressively rich and sharp display, with deep blacks that provide an added degree of realism. Movies look terrific, with fast-moving action sequences handled effortlessly.

If you routinely watch a lot of films, view digital photos and play games on your PC, the HP W2408H could be the display for you. It provides masses of screen space and an impressively clear picture for all three tasks, and you can quite happily leave multiple applications open on your desktop simultaneously. Now all you have to do is cope with the price tag.


The HP W2408H may be big, but it's clever too, providing beautiful pictures and future-proof features. We want one.