The HP LP2465 is an attractive flat-panel screen with a mighty height-adjustable stand – when the HP is raised to its greatest height it towers over your desktop.

The display and stand are supplied as separate components, each of which is reassuringly weighty. There’s a nice click as you slot the parts together. HP has crammed in some great features, too. The HP LP2465 has a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, a maximum resolution of 1,920x1,200 and two DVI (digital visual interface) inputs.

  • Large, attractive and solidly built screen
  • Bright, clear, colourful image
  • Very fair value
  • Stereo speakers cost extra

Better yet, the 24in HP LP2465 has the highest brightness rating we've recently seen: 500cd/m2. Its response rate of 6ms is less impressive, making it a weaker proposition for films and games, but business-oriented users won’t mind that.

The HP LP2465 feels solidly built and the stand is chunky. As well as being height-adjustable, it can tilt and swivel through 178 degrees.

Like many other modern screens, the HP LP2465 automatically optimises itself with a bright, clear, colourful image as soon as you’ve hooked it up. The colour gamut is good, although we’ve seen HP monitors with even better ranges.

There are just four external adjustment buttons beneath the HP LP2465's screen at the front, but the onscreen menus are very easy to use. A basic menu lets you tweak brightness and contrast, select auto-adjustment or delve into the advanced menu, where you can fiddle with colour and language options.

The HP LP2465 is pretty much a plug-and-play device. The silver/grey surround makes the monitor look less plastic than some of the models here and, on the whole, the build quality is good. We’d like speakers as standard, but this doesn’t lessen the HP’s value.


The HP LP2465 is a good-looking and solidly built display with great specifications. There are better options here for games and films, though.