The HP LP2275w is a professional 22in colour monitor, meant for professional users who are serious about colour accuracy. It certainly looks the part, with an excellent stand that allows for pivot, swivel, tilt, and height adjustments. The monitor also has a wide viewing angle that makes it a great choice for games and movies.

The HP LP2275w's screen has a smooth matte finish and is made of an S-PVA panel. This type of panel is much better than the commonly used TN (twisted nematic) panels for colour accuracy and viewing angles.

The HP LP2275w is rather heavy for a 22in monitor, but this adds to its stability. The HP LP2275w comes with one DVI port and one DisplayPort, but lacks HDMI. Given that it is aimed squarely at professionals, we can forgive them for the lack of HDMI.

The video connections are easy to get to on the HP LP2275w. Near them, you'll find two additional USB ports, with two more USB ports on the panel's right side, recessed a couple of inches from the front of the screen.

The native resolution of the HP LP2275w is the former-standard 22in resolution of 1680x1050. (Many 22in screens we now see are at a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920x1080 resolution.) No native 1080 HD support here, but the display scales HD content nicely down to fit the screen. The HP LP2275w menus are controlled by four, one-inch long buttons on the lower right-hand side of the bezel. The menus are easy to use, and have all the options needed in a professional display.

This HP LP2275w display posted one of the best scores we've seen yet in our tests. The standout feature is the extended colour gamut of 118 percent over the sRGB colour space. We tested this with Gamut Vision, and the monitor performed as claimed, getting almost 100 percent of the wider Adobe RGB colour space.

In our DisplayMate tests, the HP LP2275w scored 127/130, easily topping this test. In the real-world tests it lived up to the theoretical numbers, with an image that was clear and sharp, with deep rich colours.

The black levels were especially nice. After calibrating the HP LP2275w, we measured the brightness at 240 cd/m2, and the contrast ratio at 500:1 (full black to white) and 300:1 (checkerboard). These numbers are on the high side, but the contrast ratios could be better. Thanks to the S-PVA panel, the viewing angles were very large, and we noticed only a very small change in the brightness when viewed from the sides, top, or bottom.


This is an excellent monitor for pro users. It may be overkill for some home users, given that you can buy two good consumer 22-inch monitors for this price, but if you want to enjoy a display that comes closer to image accuracy than a cheap TN type, look out for this HP LP2275w.