This new 22in screen from Hannspree's XM range carries on that company's yen for place names. Following on from the New York we now have the Verona.

Physically, the Hannspree XM Verona is fairly appealing and the specifications are generally good rather than excellent. We've now come to expect such things as the 1,680x1,050 resolution and the 300cd/m2 brightness rating.

The Hannspree XM Verona's 2ms response rate is also commendable but nothing new, although we found no signs of flicker while putting this screen through its paces.

The Hannspree XM Verona's viewing angles aren't the best, and there was some sign of image deterioration when we moved from side to side. This isn't serious though.

If you might question any of the Hannspree XM Verona's specifications, it's the 1,000:1 contrast ratio, which now looks slightly underpar when compared to the 3,000:1 and 5,000:1 figures touted by some of the latest LG and Samsung screens.

Now obviously those high contrast ratios aren't genuine 3,000:1 or 5,000:1. But they do undoubtedly deliver a burst of extra colour when you need it – for getting that full DVD experience, for instance.

Indeed, the Hannspree XM Verona's overall image quality lacks that final bit of polish when compared to the LG Flatron L226WTQ.

Even after fiddling with the controls (which aren't particularly intuitive, and frequently had us accidentally hitting the power-off when we meant to get the select button instead), we found it difficult to get the same quality of picture.

The colours on the Hannspree XM Verona are a touch too bright in both images and DVD playback, while text characters aren't quite as sharp as we might expect.

It comes without a physical DVI, instead opting for the more modern HDMI connector. While this is very useful for those considering integrating the Hannspree XM Verona within a home entertainment system, HDMI isn't quite as robust as DVI when it comes to PC use.

Nonetheless, this is an interface whose popularity can only grow with the advance of High Definition, so it certainly seems churlish to be critical of it.


We don't wish to be too critical of the Hannspree XM Verona. It packs in a lot of features given that modest price tag. But if you don't want or need the HDMI port, we see no reason why you wouldn't want to spend a little extra and get the superior LG – or, for that matter, do without 0.4in and go for the well-priced HannsG HF216DP.