For watching DVDs or editing photos and video, a widescreen monitor is a definite boon – and the Eizo Flexscan S2431W could be the screen for the job.

  • Impressive image quality
  • Bright screen with plenty of options
  • Huge screen real estate
  • Pricey
  • Tinny speakers
  • Construction feels a little ‘plastic'

The monolithic 24.1in Eizo Flexscan S2431W comes with a black or grey surround, suggesting it's aimed at businessmen as much as arty types. This would partly explain the hefty, albeit fair, price tag.

The Eizo Flexscan S2431W is not only the giant monitor in town, but its bulk is supported by a sturdy stand, giving the distinct impression it means business from the moment you prise it from its box.

Yet the Eizo Flexscan S2431W can be lowered or raised, tilted, swivelled and pivoted to suit your viewing requirements – we were pleased by the screen's flexibility.

There's also a backlight sensor to keep energy consumption and eyestrain to a minimum while, sensibly, the Eizo Flexscan S2431W's main controls are situated directly beneath the screen.

Like the 19in BenQ FP93VW, the Eizo Flexscan S2431W has a 16:10 aspect ratio; unlike the BenQ, it has an excellent 1,000:1 contrast ratio and 450cd/m2 brightness. These top-notch specifications match the sophisticated, no-nonsense styling – a slim-edge design with an extremely narrow bevel.

Performance-wise, the Eizo Flexscan S2431W impresses. Images are sharp, bright and suffused with colour – although, as our tests revealed, the colour gamut is actually quite limited.

Dedicated fine contrast settings let you adjust your Eizo Flexscan S2431W depending on the media or data you're viewing.

If the widescreen resolution is stretching your applications, you can opt for a normal screen size via the Eizo Flexscan S2431W's ‘others' menu options, or enlarge it – either way you'll end up with black borders around the image. There's a stereo mini jack but sound quality is a little tinny.


The Eizo Flexscan S2431W is a high-quality product that produces a good image, even if the stand has a slightly plastic feel and the price is daunting.