The Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP is a stylish monitor with the tilt, swivel, and height adjustments usually found in bigger LCDs, but its performance is lacklustre.

For a small monitor, the Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP offers a lot of physical flexibility. While many rival 19in widescreen LCDs and some larger models are content to offer merely tilt, Dell goes the extra mile to provide a particularly easy-to-maneuver height adjustment, swivel, and pivot.

The Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP may boast a tantalising collection of features, but its text and graphics performance was at the bottom of the 19in-wide pack.

The combined text and graphics score for the Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP from our panel of judges was Good, but other monitors have fared better.

The Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP was particularly unimpressive in brightness and contrast tests, practically failing to display discernible dark black and light squares.

A four-port USB hub built into the Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP is useful for connecting USB peripherals, such as webcams and flash drives. The onscreen display (OSD) sports a newer interface that makes it even easier than previous Dell models to navigate the sometimes confusing panel adjustment options.

The main menu appears horizontally at the bottom of the Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP in big colorful icons, while vertical submenus appear above it. The OSD includes presets for common viewing profiles, such as Game, Multimedia (video), and Desktop (office apps and other text-heavy tasks).

The Dell UltraSharp 1908WFP's angled silver stand has a narrow rectangular hole to thread power and video cables through. Older DVI cables with fatter cords do not fit but fortunately, more recently made ones, including the one that came with Dell's monitor, slide in just perfectly.

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