Sleek, understated and white, from the top of the screen to the bottom of its base stand, the inexpensive Benq FP93VW is one of the best-looking monitors we've tested. For many users, a 19in widescreen for little more than £150 will fit the bill precisely.

  1. Impressive design and build quality
  2. Straightforward plug-and-play setup
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Screen image not as sharp as we’d like
  5. Onscreen menu options disappear too quickly
  6. Not enough control over display settings

The Benq FP93VW's 1,440x900 screen offers a viewable area of 408x255mm with a 5ms response time.

The BenQ’s 700:1 contrast ratio and 300cd/m2 are significantly lower than those of other screens in this category, but the 16:10 widescreen Benq FP93VW could find a welcoming home in a bedroom or study as a DVD and gaming unit.

In a bright office the Benq FP93VW's contrast ratio could be a concern, however.

The Benq FP93VW is a well-built device with both analogue and digital inputs. It weighs in at a relatively portable 6kg. There are no built-in speakers, however, and only limited swivel options – 150 degrees to the left or right, or 140 degrees vertically. The power cable plugs into a recess at the back; there’s a clip on the stand to tidy it out of the way.

We also liked the fact that if you plug the Benq FP93VW into a laptop it automatically detects whether it’s a standard-aspect or widescreen model and adjusts the display accordingly.

The picture lacked sharpness, however, and the Benq FP93VW has a relatively poor colour gamut (the range of colours it can display).

Contrast and brightness can be tweaked using the five buttons that run discreetly down the lefthand side of the Benq FP93VW – the sixth being the power on/off button. Infuriatingly, the onscreen menu that pops up after a press of each button doesn’t stay visible long enough for you to be able to decide on a selection.


It may not boast the best specifications we've ever seen on a 19in screen, but the Benq FP93VW is well worth further investigation for those on a tight budget.