The BenQ FP241W is a budget 24in widescreen display.

BenQ made its reputation as a manufacturer of displays at the budget end of the PC market. The 24in BenQ FP241W, therefore, fits squarely into that market sector – though, of course, there isn't always a direct correlation between price and quality.

The BenQ FP241W TFT panel uses Advanced-MVA (A-MVA) technology, the latest version of a system originally developed by Fujitsu. How that translates into real-world performance we'll see shortly.

Assembly of the BenQ FP241W is simple, the panel itself fitting into the substantial stand easily and securely. Height adjustment is similarly uncomplicated, the stand's damped column allowing for any number of vertical positions between its two end stops.

The one minor niggle here (and it's very minor) is that, as the panel is released from the stand by the push of a single button, there is potential for its accidental release while the display was being carried. However, carrying the BenQ FP241W display would be an infrequent event, given the sheer physical weight of it.

In common with most of its rivals, the BenQ FP241W incorporates a USB hub with four USB 2.0 ports. Thoughtfully placed USB ports on the top and side of the monitor mean that the user doesn't have to crane their neck, peering underneath the display in order to connect a device, as is the case with some displays.

The onscreen display (OSD) switches are placed on the righthand edge of the BenQ FP241W's outer casing, which makes for a certain amount of fumbling until one gets used to their position. In addition to the normal menu selection and adjustment buttons, there is one that switches the display between Standard, Movie, Dynamics and Photo modes.

No serious anomalies were thrown up by the tests of the BenQ FP241W's functionality, save for a little ghosting on moving images. Viewing angles bore out the manufacturer's figures, and are an improvement on previous generations of MVA technology.


All in all, then, we felt that the BenQ FP241W held up well against the competition. Documentation was good, and the necessary leads were supplied.