The BenQ E900T is an ultraportable, inexpensive 19in monitor.

BenQ's E900T is a 19in 1,280 x 1,024 panel rather than the more usual 22in format. It's also unusual in that it is not widescreen.

The styling is better than most, with an attractive silver slimline look, but the BenQ E900T's orange/green power button may not be to everyone's tastes. There's also a ‘distinctive blue glow' in standby mode, although this looks like most other blue glows and doesn't transform this monitor into a must-buy.

Also included are 'Senseye+Photo' features. These sound like they should offer live monitoring and adjustment, but in practice they're marketing speak for different colour and contrast presets - the 'photo' means sRGB is included, although most photo users will be using the BenQ E900T's standard default setting because it offers a wider colour range.

In testing, colour, saturation and contrast were reasonable for the price point, with slightly wobbly linearity, so photo editing probably wouldn't be an ideal application for the BenQ E900T.

For video use, the lack of a widescreen option means that some of the image is lost, but even so it's worth experimenting with the BenQ E900T's video mode - this warms flesh tones and pushes the white balance towards red. It's not technically accurate or linear, but it can improve the look of some videos, and give actors a hint of a tan they might not have had otherwise.

Connection is via DVI-D and VGA. There are also two mini speakers built into the case, with a standard mini-jack socket on the rear of the BenQ E900T.

The BenQ E900T's OSD is more challenging than most, with confusing selection options. It's also on the side of the panel, with text at right angles.


Overall the price is attractive, but the limited 19in resolution means that the BenQ E900T is at the high end of its price bracket. If you're looking for a budget 19in monitor you can find similar quality elsewhere for less. And considering that you can get a solid 22in model from the competition for only £30 more, it's hard to feel enthusiastic about the BenQ E900T. Its biggest strength is its low weight, so if you're looking for a very portable spare monitor for live music or gaming, it's worth considering.