This Asus MK241H offers plenty of connection options and good image quality, but its form and functionality might just leave it collecting dust on store shelves. The MK241 isn't a bad monitor by any means, but it doesn't offer anything special aside from a built-in webcam (which we couldn't get to work).

The 1920-by-1200-pixel native resolution display connects to components through DVI, HDMI, and VGA ports. A USB upstream port is rendered useless by the absence of any USB downstream ports. Also, the software for the webcam failed to work. Most glaringly, the software didn't even proper drivers for the monitor (perhaps that's why we couldn't get the Asus MK241H's webcam to work).

You can tilt the panel, but the Asus MK241H lacks adjustable features such as pivot, swivel, and height adjust. Also absent is great picture quality. In our Test Centre assessments, the display ranked dead last in image quality. Our audio experience fared a little better. The built-in down-firing speakers sound tinny, but at least they aren't flat.

On the bright side, the on-screen display menu permits easy navigation and offers plenty of advanced features such as individual color control. In addition, you can use the Asus MK241H's five preset viewing modes or customise your own mode - except that when we tried to do this, we couldn't adjust sharpness or saturation.


In short, despite having some fine features, the Asus MK241H faces competition from models with better features and performance.