The AMW X2210WDS is a budget, portable 22in monitor which is light enough to be carried easily.

AMW is a relatively new name, staking out its territory in the high- volume budget sector. The AMW X2210WDS fits the trend, although the styling is unexpectedly successful – not exactly upmarket, and certainly a long way short of Apple's Cinema Display, but a step or two up from the purely functional.

A tilt-only stand supports the AMW X2210WDS's budget plastic bezel which looks a little old-fashioned, with very obvious onscreen display (OSD) buttons in an extension at the bottom of the panel, and a blocky power-on LED.

Four buttons drive the OSD, which is one of the ugliest we've ever seen, but which also turns out to be reasonably easy-to-use. It didn't take long to navigate around the AMW X2210WDS's basic features, which offer a good selection of presets and also individual RGB colour settings for a customised colour set-up.

It's worth mentioning that the AMW X2210WDS is a very portable monitor which is light enough to be carried easily, so it scores well if you need something semi-portable.

The AMW X2210WDS also includes some basic speakers, of the traditionally tinny variety – good enough for watching news and YouTube, but underwhelming for music.

Colour performance is a little ragged, with an obvious blue deficiency – although this could be corrected easily for a more neutral result. It's unlikely you'll be using the AMW X2210WDS for professional design, so this may not be a huge drawback.

Aside from that, linearity is good for the price, as are brightness and contrast. Video performance is also believable, with some smearing, but less than you might expect from a budget panel. In use, the AMW X2210WDS is unexpectedly easy on the eye, with good colour and sharpness, offering a level of performance most users should have no problem with.


The AMW X2210WDS is excellent value. It doesn't offer top-of-the-line visuals, but considering the price it's a very good all-rounder.