The AG Neovo E-W19 is a well-designed but pricey 19in monitor that matches its looks with performance scores that show its considerable range.

The E-W19 comes with glossy NeoV Optical Glass, AG Neovo's specially hardened glass that resists cracks and scratches. It's also why the monitor costs £230, substantially more than most other 19in widescreen monitors - and about the same as most 20in or 21in displays. For the price, you get impressive image quality but few physical adjustments.

According to AG Neovo, NeoV Optical Glass is ideal for those who want to use the display in a public area, such as libraries and public kiosks. The AG Neovo E-W19's even more expensive sibling, the X-19, has the same optical glass but offers a few more connectivity options (such as S-Video) and a slick metal casing.

The AG Neovo E-W19 demonstrates a flair for both text and graphics, earning a score of Very Good in both categories.

Nothing if not consistent, the AG Neovo E-W19 collected impressive scores on many tests. Wonderfully readable text on office documents and web pages should make for a happy office worker or surfer (or both). A good balance of colours and brightness meant that skintones looked natural and objects such as fruit slices exhibited an enticing ripeness.

In a viewing of 'Lord of the Rings: Return of the King', the AG Neovo E-W19 delivered true-to-life colours with fairly natural skintones and background shrubbery pleasingly saturated with green.

The AG Neovo E-W19 produces beautiful coppers, yellows and oranges in an autumn sunset scene. Velvet costumes were invitingly textured and overall suffused with a balanced colour, particularly reds and dark blues.

Well-integrated speakers located at the bottom of the AG Neovo E-W19 have very fine vents that are hard to see except up close, making them look like part of the monitor rather than stuck-on parts.

The speakers are adequate except for low-volume instances such as whispered dialogue or classical music. In those cases, you'll have to strain to hear sounds emanating from the AG Neovo E-W19. These speakers would be useful for common office tasks, such as beeps and warnings from your PC, or email alerts, but not for robust multimedia applications.

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