Billed as the first monitor with a 50,000:1 contrast ratio, Acer's 24in G24 monitor is aimed at gamers who demand the most immersive visual experience available.

The metallic orangey copper-coloured finish of the Acer G24 tells you immediately that this monitor is going to be a little different from Acer's usual fare.

It has bold, angular features and large silver control buttons tucked beneath its thin bezel. While the Acer G24 is clearly designed to look ‘cool', we were pleased to see that Acer's designers hadn't gone totally over the top.

While the Acer G24 will certainly enhance the credibility of any modder's gaming rig, its design touches are relatively subtle - it may look a little out of place at work, but you're unlikely to be laughed out of the office for using one to fill in your spreadsheets.

Setup and control of the Acer G24 can take a little getting used to. Two of the control buttons are actually rocker switches which can be pushed from either the left or the right to select different functions.

Once you've got the hang of them, these controls will allow you to select from a variety of options including preset modes designed specifically for scenarios such as work, graphics and movies.

We found the image quality from the Acer G24 to be pretty good. Leaving aside the extreme contrast ratio claims for a moment we measured punchy, saturated colours that are well beyond the capabilities of most standard displays. They didn't quite reach the levels of specialised ‘wide gamut' monitors, but games looked especially dynamic and colourful on the G24.

Acer's high-gloss ‘Crystalbrite' screen helps to produce an exceedingly sharp image with very deep blacks that help deliver visibly superior contrast. This is a quite distinct advantage from the Adaptive Contrast Management system that allows Acer to make their headline-grabbing 50,000:1 contrast ratio claim. Technologies such as ACM can make a difference with changing on-screen content such as movies and games but can be a hindrance with static images, such as when editing photographs. Thankfully you can turn this function off and still achieve a very pleasant, contrasty picture with the Acer G24.

The Acer G24's trio of video inputs allow you to hook up an analogue VGA connection as well as a pair of digital links in the form of DVI and HDMI ports, both of which support HDCP for playing back DRM Blu-ray high-definition content.


The Acer G24 is a little pricey and has a design you'll either love or hate, but it certainly delivers superior performance and will be a good choice for serious gamers.