Concerned your laptop might be vulnerable to snoopers? Rohos Logon Key could be just what you're looking for.

Simply put, Rohos Logon Key 1.2 transforms any USB key into a security dongle for your PC. Once set up, you'll need the USB key to log in to your machine. Without it your system will lock up and refuse access.

The way the Rohos Logon Key 1.2 system works is beautifully simple. Rohos stores your login details in a deeply encrypted format on the chosen USB key. When your machine starts up - if the software's enabled - you're prompted to insert the key instead of entering a password.

The USB key and Rohos Logon Key 1.2 log in for you. Remove the key and your desktop is automatically locked once more.

Configuring a USB key for the task is as easy as inserting it into your machine, choosing Add USB Key from the menu and entering your passwords when prompted. Once you've entered passwords for both your long and short login names, Rohos Logon Key 1.2 is enabled. If you restart your PC at this stage, with the USB key still in your machine, it will automatically log in for you.

It's important to note that the Rohos Logon Key 1.2 USB key doesn't replace your password. Instead it interrupts the logon process and passes the password on automatically. You can still log in to your system manually if required - if the USB key becomes corrupt, for example. Removing the key from your system is just as easy. You select it in the software's simple main dialogue and click Off.


We admit that we approached Rohos Logon Key 1.2 with a little trepidation. The idea of turning over access to our machine to an easily lost USB key is a little daunting. But the simplicity of Rohos Logon Key won us over.