The Parrot Photo Viewer 7in stands out from the current crop of digital photo frames because it has Bluetooth connectivity.

It's a cinch to set up and use the Parrot Photo Viewer 7in. Although our test model kept us in the dark as to its four-digit PIN, it was easy to guess, and the Bluetooth dongle setup was straightforward. Be advised, however, that Bluetooth is the only method of putting shots on to the Parrot Photo Viewer 7in, so if your PC is not within 10m of your photo viewer, you'll need a Bluetooth-enabled camera or phone. (But congratulations on the massive house, by the way.)

Images on the Parrot Photo Viewer's 7in screen are bright and detailed but, if your original shot was even slightly over exposed, the Parrot Photo Viewer 7in is a trifle unforgiving. The Parrot Photo Viewer 7in automatically adjusts to landscape or portrait, depending on the way you hold it up. It also adjusts pictures to fit the screen. You can view individual shots, or a slideshow of some of your favourite images.

A quick straw poll suggests that not all members of team PC Advisor are enamoured of the Parrot Photo Viewer 7in's faux crocodile skin frame, and there's an awful lot of real-estate for a mere 7in screen. However, images are displayed at 6x4in, traditional 'photo size' in other words, and there's a neat and unobtrusive stand.

The Parrot Photo Viewer 7in is light and thin enough to attach to a wall, too. And we were particularly pleased with the Parrot Photo Viewer 7in's excellent viewing angles. Oh, and when the Parrot Photo Viewer 7in is on standby, it has a stylish clock display.

So what's not to like? Well, digital photo frames remain expensive gadgets and, although the Parrot Photo Viewer 7in is not out of synch with the rest of the market, it's not cheap for a one-trick pony. And we were concerned that the Parrot Photo Viewer 7in requires an unsightly power cable. It seems a little strange that a product that sells itself on its wireless connectivity doesn't have a battery life. Odd.