The 8in, all-black Kodak EX811 is the only digital photo frame we've seen that plays video and audio files.

Playing .MOV, .AVI, MPEG 1 & 2 movie formats - as well as MP3 audio - the Kodak EX811 is also one of the largest digital photo displays around, with that healthy 8in screen.

As well as supporting memory cards (SD/MS/XD/MMC/CF/MC) and USB image transfer (10 images in 29 seconds) the Kodak EX811 will also connect to a wireless router so you can add it to your network. It needs to connect to a router - you can't Bluetooth it like the Parrot Photo Viewer 7in.

Like the AG Neovo V-10 digital photo frame this is a widescreen display, but unlike the AG Neovo it is possible to set the image to fit the Kodak EX811 without stretching it. While this does mean cropping slightly, potentially shaving off the top of someone's head, this is definitely preferable to stretching.

The Kodak EX811's interface is easy to navigate, easier still with the included remote control. Images are clear and bright and the background detail was more apparent with this frame too.

Like the AG Neovo V-10 the Kodak EX811 offers 800x480, widescreen resolution. We did look one 10in frame that had a 600x480 resolution and the picture quality was so poor that we'd advise you to check the resolution is at least 800x480 before purchasing any frame, no matter how good the price.


At £150 the Kodak is well-priced for this kind of product, and its wireless facilities make it a desirable proposition. Is a digital-photo viewer worth £150 to you? If so, the Kodak EX811 is a very good buy.