Avanquest's Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0 is a program that lets you design scrapbooks and directly import digital photos to print a completed work.

Alternatively you can just print a blank scrapbook and then paste in printed photographs and mementos such as concert tickets or cinema stubs. With over 6,000 templates and 60,000 graphics included in Avanquest Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, there should be a design for every occasion.

Avanquest Scrapbook Factory Deluxe caters for those that want a template they can easily personalise, as well as those that want to design a scrapbook from scratch. We were impressed that both options were easy to follow and produced good looking and fun scrapbooks.

When we wanted to create something other than a scrapbook, we were faced with a wealth of options such as calendars, greetings cards and even decorative paper templates. And all the Avanquest Scrapbook Factory Deluxe templates can be personalised to taste too.

Once you've chosen a template, you can change the colours and backgrounds, as well as the shapes of the photo frames - simply double click on the image or background you want to adjust. With Avanquest Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, there's plenty of choice when it came to backgrounds and images too.

We like the fact you can add templates to a ‘favourites' folder, ensuring you can access them quickly without having to trawl through every category. We also found the on-screen instructions on Avanquest Scrapbook Factory Deluxe's templates a great guide for first-time users.

It's just as easy to create your own scrapbook from scratch. Once you've selected the type of project you want to create, it's just a case of using the ‘Add Items' feature to insert backgrounds, borders, graphics, text and shaped frames before inserting photographs.

Adding digital images to the scrapbook is also a simple process. Avanquest Scrapbook Factory Deluxe even offers a number of basic editing options to allow you to touch-up your photos. By right-clicking on the images, it's possible to adjust the different colour tones in the photograph, as well as remove dust and scratches, reduce red-eye, fill areas with colour, and adjust the camera focus. You can also add special effects such as blurring, or render an image as though it's printed on canvas.

Once a scrapbook or project is completed you're given the option to print it or create a PDF - making it easy to send to friends via email. Avanquest Scrapbook Factory Deluxe also offers the option to burn projects to CD.


A great software program that will appeal to all the family. Avanquest Scrapbook Factory Deluxe offers an exciting way to print your digital photos and is good value-for-money too.