Of the five applications that make up iLife, iPhoto is the one with the broadest appeal. After all, nearly everyone has photos on their Mac, taken with their own cameras or those of friends and family members.

As our libraries grow, so too do the problems with managing our pictures. With iPhoto '08, Apple tried to simplify photo management by introducing the concept of events, letting you automatically organise photos based when they were taken.

With iPhoto '09, Apple has added the who and the where components to this equation - helping you provide more context to your photos - and expanded the options for sharing your work with the social-networking sites Facebook and Flickr. While there are some niggling issues here and there, iPhoto '09 is overall a good upgrade.

Apple hasn't made many interface changes in iPhoto '09. The organisational pane (which Apple calls the Source List) now has items for the Faces and Places features, and the Projects area is now called Keepsakes, but the overall structure and operation nearly identical to the last version. Events are largely unchanged, a good or bad thing depending upon how you felt about them.