Adobe Photoshop CS4, the latest version of Adobe's flagship image-editing program, will hit the streets practically on the heels of Photoshop CS3, which debuted a little less than 18 months ago.

Other features

Among the other enhancements are smoother screen display at odd zoom levels, the ability to "toss" your pixels with the spacebar, a bird's eye view quick-zoom, a new Vibrance adjustment layer (straight from Camera Raw), spring-loaded tools allowing you to temporarily switch from one tool to another, a pixel-grid view above 600-percent zoom, linked masks for Smart Objects, drag-resizing for brush cursors, and the ability to delete layers by pressing the Delete key. (You can't believe how handy that latter feature is.)

Camera Raw 5 also has major improvements such as the ability to edit selectively using an Adjustments Brush or Gradient Filter. Adobe Bridge wasn't left out either and now boosts faster performance, one-click previews, Spotlight integration, a super handy path bar (like a trail of breadcrumbs), and more.


Do the updates to Photoshop Creative Suite 4 represent big changes? You betcha. Will they take some getting used to? Heck yes. Will you like Adobe Photoshop CS4? For the most part, the answer is a resounding yes.