The Transcend JetFlash 220 is the only drive in our round-up to tick all our security boxes. It features 256bit AES encryption with password- and fingerprint-authentication. It also has the option to create a secure partition and lets you individually encrypt files and folders.

The Transcend JetFlash 220's fingerprint-authentication feature is simple to set up, with a System Setup Wizard guiding you step-by-step through the process. This feature also performed surprisingly well in our tests. The drive was spot on in recognising the exact fingerprint, without which it was impossible to break into the drive.

There's also an option for enabling password-protection, but this is possible only in combination with the fingerprint-authentication feature. This double layer of protection provides an excellent safeguard for your sensitive data, but it could become quite a hassle for everyday use. And, unlike the Kingston products, the Transcend JetFlash 220 doesn't request a 'strong' password combination. Other security features include the ability to encrypt individual files and folders and to repartition the drive and create a secure partition.

The Transcend JetFlash 220 also comes with useful applications for browsing the web in safety. The Website Auto-Login tool for Internet Explorer lets you automatically log into genuine websites where you've already registered, while another tool which lets you export your Internet Explorer Favorites on to the drive and access them wherever you go.

Unfortunately, with 10 megabits per second (Mbps) read and 3Mbps write speeds, the Transcend JetFlash 220 was the slowest among all the drives in our tests.


The Transcend JetFlash 220 isn't as fast as the other drives in our round-up but, if you're looking for an affordable, secure USB drive, its biometric security makes it a must-have.