The Sandisk Extreme Cruzer Contour is the only drive in our group test to lack dedicated security. It does, however, feature U3 software that allows you to carry your applications around with you and launch them on any PC.

Through this software, password-protection can be enabled and provides 256bit AES encryption. The Sandisk lacks the ability to create a secure partition or encrypt individual files and folders. Since the Sandisk Extreme Cruzer Contour's U3 software can be completely removed from the drive, you may be better looking off elsewhere is security features are your main criteria.

On the other hand, this ReadyBoost-compatible drive was the fastest of all the drives in our round-up. The Sandisk Extreme Cruzer Contour specifies read speeds of 25 megabits per second (Mbps) and write speeds of 18Mbps.


In a group test primarily focused on security, the Sandisk Extreme Cruzer Contour was never going to come out on top. However, security features such as 256bit AES encryption and password-protection are available through U3 software, while this ReadyBoost-compatible drive is blazingly fast. Depending on your criteria, the Sandisk could top your list.