The LaCie d2 Safe fares well when tested against other encrypted portable hard drives.

The hefty LaCie d2 Safe drive features a fingerprint reader and can connect to your computer over FireWire 400 and 800 in addition to USB 2.0.

We found the LaCie d2 Safe's software setup more time-consuming than some others, but it has an obvious benefit: LaCie's built-in fingerprint software allows you to plug the drive into either a Mac OS system or a Windows box and to work in the encrypted partition.

The LaCie d2 Safe drive also features the sturdiest housing we've seen, plus a Kensington lock port so you can secure it to a desk.


With a very rugged cast-aluminum case, integrated fingerprint reader and FireWire, the LaCie d2 Safe is a solid proposition - although that solidity does make it tend toward being a bit heavy.