The Kingston DataTraveler Micro Reader kills two birds with one stone, being both a memory card reader and USB flash drive.

Most of us now have multiple devices with memory cards in - mobile phone, digital camera, a PDA perhaps - and while there were signs of a standard emerging in the past, mobile phone memory cards in particular have continued to shrink.

That's not so good if you need to get files such as photos out of one device and on to another - your PC, say. A few laptops now have built-in SDIO slots, but for most of us, it means remembering to carry a card reader when travelling.

The Kingston DataTraveler Micro Reader is an interesting new proposition - especially if, like me, you tend also to carry a USB stick when travelling, for use as a 'fat floppy'.

A normal sized 1GB USB 2.0 stick with a memory card reader built-in, the Kingston DataTraveler Micro Reader kills two birds with one stone. The card reader hides under a flip-top lid and as well as microSD and microSDHC, it can take the Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards used by newer Sony Ericsson phones.

Plugging the Kingston DataTraveler Micro Reader's USB stick in with a microSD card aboard means the PC sees two extra drives, just as you would expect.

The Kingston DataTraveler Micro Reader is going to be a useful addition to my travelling kitbag - although 1GB is starting to look a little on the small side these days. Kingston says there will also be 2GB and 4GB DataTraveler Micro Reader models.


Kingston's DataTraveler Micro Reader saves carrying a separate card reader, but it only works for micro-sized cards. Still, if you ever need to get large files on or off your mobile phone, or have memory cards that you could re-use in your digital camera, card adaptors are an obvious way to do it.