Kingston’s DataTraveler Locker+ is fairly expensive. It costs almost £120 for a model with 32GB storage (the maximum available), but it does provide strong additional security features to protect your data.

The special security software provided with the Locker+ requires you to create a password before you can use the memory stick for the first time. It then encrypts any files stored on it and requires you to re-enter the password every single time you use the device. If someone repeatedly enters an incorrect password the Locker+ becomes blocked and you will be forced to erase all your files before using it again.


The Mac software provided with the Locker+ works well and adds an icon to the Dock that provides options such as the ability to quickly browse, format or eject the device. So while it’s not cheap, the DataTraveler Locker+ may well appeal to people who need that extra security for files containing sensitive personal or business information.