If you're inclined to take endless photos and quickly fill up media cards (guilty as charged...) a device that backs up your precious images and shows them off on a high-resolution screen soon earns its keep. Consider, then, the Epson Photo Viewer P-6000.

The 40GB Epson Photo Viewer P-6000 is pricey at £400 and weighs a not inconsiderable 423g, (although Amazon offers the previous version for much less). But the Epson Photo Viewer P-6000 is one of the classiest ways to store and view photos.

Using the Epson Photo Viewer P-6000 is far easier than searching through folders on your PC too.

The 4in Epson Photo Viewer P-6000 display accepts SD Card and Compact Flash memory cards and can play music and video too (there's a headphone socket on the top left).

We found the beep every time you select a button annoying, but liked the scrollable volume button. An old-school portable media player with incredible onscreen detail, it can also be used to send photos to print, with or without a watermark.


It's not cheap, but for inveterate snappers the Epson Photo Viewer P-6000 could be both a lifesaver, and a much-loved gadget.