Crucial's Gizmo!overdrive doesn't exactly overdrive. The Crucial Gizmo!overdrive offered the slowest transfer times in our recent flash memory drive tests at a snail-paced 15:18 for 1GB of data. However, the Crucial Gizmo!overdrive was also the cheapest of the 2GB offerings and compared very favourably with the price per GB ratio of the other sticks being tested. The Crucial Gizmo!overdrive also comes with a lanyard, which is great if you want to wear it around your neck.

Crucial's Gizmo!overdrive doesn't require a powered USB port and can be plugged into a USB hub or Apple keyboard. If you have few spare USB ports on your PC its definitely worth checking whether you will need to fork out for a powered USB hub to go with the flash drive. However, the Crucial Gizmo!overdrive's lid is easily lost. The Crucial Gizmo!overdrive comes in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB versions - we tested the 2GB version.


  • Great value for money
  • Small and light
  • Lanyard included


  • Very slow file transfer time
  • Lid is easily lost

Buying Advice

The Gizmo!overdrive offers great value for money and is compact, but the data transfer performance was a little disappointing.


The Crucial Gizmo!overdrive is no speed demon, but offers great value for money.