As capacities increase and prices fall, it behoves a manufacturer of USB Flash memory to distinguish its particular stick from the throng.

Some use an unsual style or colour, or offer especial resilience to the elements. In the Petito, ATP seems to be offering all of the above.

The ATP Petito checks the 'small and cute' box very neatly, being tiny in size and gently sculpted into an elipse when viewed from above; plugged into the edge of a typical notebook, it just looks right.

And at 7g in weight (8g with its short matching lanyard), you can hang the ATP Petito on a keyring and barely know it's there.

To make the ATP Petito waterproof, ATP uses a system in packaging (SIP) technique, with the memory chips and associated surface-mount devices encapsulated into the circuit board substrate.

This is the same idea used by Corsair in its Mini Voyager, and Verbatim with its new 'bodyless' USB sticks. The difference is that here, a traditional body has been added over the top of the flat stick, adding strength, not to mention something to get your fingers around. A removable dust cap sits over the business end.

The ATP Petito is available in capacities from 512MB to 8GB, with dark blue, silver, titanium, gold and pink colours offered.

Included on the stick is a basic program to partition the drive into public and protected areas, with password protection for the private zone.


At a time when the USB Flash memory drive is becoming ubiquitous to the point of throwaway, it's good to see a product that is both stylish and practical.