Apple’s Wireless Keyboard is slim, sleek and very light, but it won’t be to everyone’s taste. The slim, compact design is good for use at home – for example, we use ours with a Mac mini that’s plugged into a flat-screen TV and used as a media centre in the living room.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

The Wireless Keyboard also has a set of function keys that enable you to control iTunes and other features such as Dashboard and Exposé on your Mac. Its Bluetooth wireless technology enables you to use it with other devices that have Bluetooth, such as the iPad, so it’ll be handy for quickly tapping out quick notes and emails on an iPad at home.


However, it’s less suited for use in an office environment – many people simply find it too compact to type on rapidly. It doesn’t have a proper numeric keypad either, so it’s not much use if your work involves a lot of number crunching.