The Suvil Click Click BT is an innovative wireless mouse in a lightweight curvy design with unusually placed control buttons.

Instead of the typical mouse shape, the Suvil Technologies I-T Click Click BT has a stretched and narrow shape that's designed to rest below your fingers, rather than palm. The topmost button is used for normal left-click duties, while a side button falls beside the thumb for right clicking. Meanwhile a ratcheted wheel on the front right side can be used for scrolling.

Weighing only 41g, the Suvil Technologies I-T Click Click BT is a deliberately lightweight device, made from sturdy plastic with a smooth satin finish. Included inside is a lithium-ion battery, recharged through a mini USB port on the mouse's ‘nose'.

A sliding switch on the underside turns the Suvil Technologies I-T Click Click BT mouse on and off, and can also be pressed inward for the initial Bluetooth pairing process.

The shape and style of this Suvil Technologies I-T Click Click BT mouse is intended to give an easier and more comfortable grip, to reduce hand fatigue for the user. It designer advised us that it may take a little time to get used to the unorthodox layout and shape, and so we did perservere with the new ergonomics. Sadly, we found ourselves unable to adapt to the layout.

We found that the Suvil Technologies I-T Click Click BT's very low weight actually counted against it, as a degree of mass and inertia often helps ‘weight' a mouse down to the desk surface. More that that, though, was the awkward process of making right clicks, which necessitated pinching the mouse between the thumb and the middle finger, uncomfortably turning the hand into something like a claw.

Different users may interact better than we did with the Suvil Technologies I-T Click Click BT (see for example our review of the wired version, the Suvil I-T Click Click), but while we applaud the attention to detail in the design and materials, we found it just too difficult to negotiate for full-time use.


This is a clever attempt to reinvent the mouse, proving very light and responsive, and although we were not drawn to its novel ergonomics, some may enjoy its different approach to the PC’s all-important cursor-controlling interface.