The LG BE06LU10 manages to be not just one of the top speed Blu-ray Drives we've seen, but it's also competitively priced.

Traditionally, external drives have tended to be something of a compromise compared to their internal counterparts. Sure, having an external drive means you can easily move it from one PC to another, and there's no need to go under the hood of the PC in order to install it.

However, external models in the past have made you pay in the form of drastically higher price tags and, invariably, a decrease in actual performance. Thankfully the LG BE06LU10 manages to be not just one of the top speed Blu-ray Drives we've seen, but it's also competitively priced.

Equipped with a USB 2.0 interface, the LG BE06LU10 can be plugged into any PC with a spare USB port. Unfortunately, you'll also need to connect an additional power supply, which slightly dampens the convenience.

The LG BE06LU10 is undeniably stylish to look at though, with its glossy white casing and touch-sensitive eject pad. And it works equally well whether standing vertically or horizontally.

The LG BE06LU10 is in essence an external version of the LG GGW-H20L, and this drive packs many of the same stunning speeds. The real standout is the six-speed BD-R - half as fast again as the other non-LG drives. Admittedly, you're not going to see a stunning difference in speed when using the six-speed mode - this could be partly due to existing media theoretically topping out at quad-speed. However, we found that the six-speed mode saved us around 20 seconds. And this, remember, is compared with the LG's more standard four-speed performance, which is itself significantly faster than that of the other models. Its BD-RE capabilities match those of the other drives on paper and, in real-world testing, were again superior.

But the LG BE06LU10 isn't just about Blu-Ray. Its DVD facilities, again, put those of other drives in the shade. And you can use the BE06LU10 to play HD DVD as well - a boon for those caught on the wrong side of the Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD skirmish. LightScribe is another very nice feature that places the LG ahead of its rival for the external crown.


This drive ticks every box and then some. If you don't need external facilities, the internal LG GGW-H20L offers much the same for less. But otherwise, the LG BE06LU10 will prove a most convenient introduction to the world of Blu-Ray.