The Lexmark X4650 continues the grand tradition of wireless multifunctional printing first introduced by Lexmark in 2007.

Finished in black with silver highlights, basic copy and scanning controls are on the right with a white on black OLED display - there's no colour LCD on offer here, as the Lexmark X4650 is aimed at the home and student market. The input tray is capable of holding up to 100 pages.

Going some way to making up for the lack of on-printer functionality are Lexmark's Service Centre and Imaging Studio software. These make the printer easy to set up and use. There's one black and one tricolour (magenta, cyan, yellow) ink cartridge - both using a combination of pigmented and dye-based inks. A dedicated photo cartridge is also available for the Lexmark X4650, however this wasn't supplied for our test.

One of Lexmark's claimed highlights is the Lexmark X4650's print speeds - 25 pages per minute for mono and 18 pages per minute for colour. In practice, a single mono print in quick mode takes 12 seconds, while 10 pages in user-friendly Auto mode are spat out in 1 minute 25 seconds.

The Lexmark X4650 makes quite a fuss when it comes to quick printing, although it still manages to be quieter and less shudder-prone than the ESP 5 or RX585. The X4650 produces reasonable black levels, although not without feathering or banding evident at larger point sizes.

Photo prints are less speedy, with a single copy of our test image taking 4 minutes 35 seconds in the highest-quality Photo mode. Printing out five copies at this setting took 27 minutes 13 seconds, putting it among the slowest printers here, although you can speed up the output by dragging the slider in the print quality dialogue between Quick and Quality. Colours look harsh and unnatural. Our test prints also lack the picture detail evident in printers like the MP610. Lexmark says its prints have a shelf life of 65 years. They certainly passed our water and scratch tests, which bodes well for document handling.

Page yields using black and tricolour inks is 325 pages, with cartridges £13.49 and £14.99 respectively. Average cost per print - excluding paper - is 17.6p. You could cut this cost by plumping for high-yield cartridges.


The Lexmark X4650 is easy to set up and use, is reasonably quick and has a useful auto print mode: but you'll pay for prints, and we weren't all that impressed with photo prints.