The minute we saw the special edition Kensington Si750m LE wireless mouse, we couldn't stop from exclaiming how cute it was.

When it comes to pink products, I'm a bit of a marketers dream. If it's available in pink, then I own it – from my mobile phones to my laptop and my iPod. It's not just restricted to gadgets either, these days even my trainers are pink.

The stylish silver and pink version of Kensington's popular wireless mouse also serves another purpose. Its part of the Go Pink range of products and for every Kensington Si750m LE sold Kensington will donate 10 percent of the cost to the Breast Cancer Campaign. What more can I ask for? Looking snazzy when I surf the web and helping a good cause.

The Kensington Si750m LE fits into the palm of your hand – even better for slipping into a slim laptop case (pink naturally) and while connecting a mouse isn't exactly complicated at the best of times, this is quite literally plug (the wireless receiver into my laptop's USB port) and play. Within 30 seconds the PC had registered the Kensington Si750m LE and we were clicking away.

The Kensington Si750m LE also features a light that flashes red to indicate the battery has 40 percent or less life left in it, although Kensington claims that the battery will last for six months use.

Bundled with the USB receiver, which when the mouse is not in use can be concealed within its body, a cute suede effect travelling pouch and a battery, the Kensington Si750m LE also comes in a stylish pink box tied with a pretty pink bow.


With a price tag of £40, the pink Kensington Si750m LE resides at the top end of the wireless mouse market but with a £4 donation to charity and the chance to look stylish and pander to your inner princess (or prince) then it's a great buy.