Aimed at relatively cash-strapped gaming fans who simply can't bear the deafening din of mouse clicks any longer, the JSCO JNL-101K Noiseless Gaming Mouse appears almost like a spoof product. Like toothbrushes with ‘tongue scrapers', it feels like a satirical swipe at the tech industry's increasingly desperate search for the next problem to solve. But look beyond the quixotic headline features and you'll find this is a solid mouse for the money.

First things first: the JSCO JNL-101K Noiseless Gaming Mouse is, yes, pretty much noiseless. The left- and right-click buttons have a luxuriously gentle, near-silent action. The mouse also has a smooth bottom surface that glides quietly across a desk.

But the JSCO JNL-101K Noiseless Gaming Mouse's most advanced feature is probably its one-click tracking speed adjustment: press the illuminated button behind the scrollwheel to cycle through the four settings (750/1,000/1,250/1,600dpi). This is potentially handy for gamers who wish to switch between quick-response machine gun and slow-aiming sniper rifle, say, but the laborious control method can be limiting. Offering + and – buttons would be more convenient.

Get back to fundamentals, however, and the JSCO JNL-101K Noiseless Gaming Mouse is on firmer ground. It feels great in the hand, we enjoyed the contrast between the matt texture around the sides and the shinier left- and right-click buttons, and has the looks of a more expensive product.

One complaint is that the JSCO JNL-101K Noiseless Gaming Mouse is disconcertingly light at just 98g. That's handy for portability, and some will like the way it feels. But we reckon it could do with the option to bulk up – both the upmarket Cyber Snipa Silencer and the budget Genius NetScroll G500 Laser allow you to slot metal weights or coins into the chassis.


The JSCO JNL-101K Noiseless Gaming Mouse looks good, feels great (if light) and comes with a very reasonable price tag. The ‘noiseless’ headline feature seems almost comically inessential, but the mouse stands up as a solid offering even if you couldn’t care less about noise.