Inateck USB 3.0 HDD enclosure

Have an old 2.5 inch laptop hard drive lying around? Plenty of people do but too often these perfectly serviceable drives rescued from an older machine are never put back into newer laptops and so go to waste.

The answer is to re-purpose the old drive as an external backup and thankfully there are plenty of options to choose from that make this possible. Inateck’s enclosure is far from the only one available it very cheap at around £11 including the cable.


Assuming the old drive is working correctly and is formatted, the repurposing process takes seconds and involves simply placing the drive firmly into the interface inside the housing, closing it, connecting the cable and if necessary quick formatting the drive via a PC. This is accurately described as ‘tool free.’

Is there anything more one can say about this class of housing? Surprisingly, yes. They’re all made of plastic which in the Inateck’s case is basic but robust. A sponge insert is provided to make sure the drive inside doesn’t rattle around. One feature we liked was the firm steel interface for the USB 3.0 port which made very reliable contact with the sturdy cable. This cable won’t be falling out or losing contact easily.

We’d have liked a little more in the way of rubber feet to rest the enclosure on but this is picking holes.

Link to Amazon product page


This is a decent product for the money and comes recommended. Computer users should never again find themselves with old laptops drives that gather dust. For a few pounds every discarded 2.5 inch drive can have a future after all.