The Hercules Dualpix Infinite is a glossy black and silver 2Mp webcam that at 450x450x450mm can easily fit in your hand.

With a wide angle lens and 3x zoom, the Hercules Dualpix Infinite will swivel though 360 degrees, ensuring it's possible to capture any shot at any angle.

Even though the Hercules Dualpix Infinite webcam is dainty, it's certainly not delicate. The build was robust enough for us to handle the webcam roughly without breaking it. In particular we liked the strong hinged clip that was used to secure the webcam to our PC's monitor.

The Hercules Dualpix Infinite was relatively easy to set-up and took around 10 minutes. We started by installing the software that comes bundled with the device, and then when indicated, we positioned the webcam and then plugged it in to our PC's USB port. Once installed we were given the option to ‘Launch and Test', which allowed us to check the webcam was positioned properly and if not adjust it so our face was the subject of the image.

The Hercules Dualpix Infinite automatically put an icon in the taskbar, which we simply pressed to access the webcam.

We found the Hercules Dualpix Infinite webcam focussed very quickly, even when we moved in and out of shot, and it displayed a clear and bright image in a 2.8x3.7in window in the centre of the PC screen. The microphone was fairly sensitive and picked up audio easily, so we didn't find ourselves having to shout to be heard.

The Hercules Dualpix Infinite also features noise-cancelling technology to offer a clear, crisp sound. We were also able to modify the brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, sharpness and exposure of the image, as well as the audio settings for the microphone, quickly and easily from a button on the left-hand side of the webcam window.

You can take still images, up to 7.6Mp in resolution, with the Hercules Dualpix Infinite by simply pressing the capture button underneath the main window that displays the webcam's image.

From here, a window allows you to choose between single shot, burst image capture, a self-timer mode and even a video capture mode. Once we'd chosen the appropriate mode, we were able to specify the resolution (up to 3,200x24,500) of the image and even change the capture setting (eg the location the image is saved, whether a sound is played when an image is captured and the number of shots taken during burst mode) then we pressed the red capture button.

The Hercules Dualpix Infinite webcam can also be used in conjunction with either Windows Live Messenger 8 or Skype 2.5 during instant messaging chat and with the use of the Xtra Controller window, which is displayed on the bottom righthand corner of the PC screen, we were also able to access extra functions.

These included the Chat and Show function, which allowed us to show the friend we were chatting to a slideshow of our favourite images stored on our hard drive during our IM conversation and the ability to add special effects such as frames and change the colour of our image during chats.


A webcam that's ideal for all the family. We particularly loved the Hercules Dualpix Infinite's tiny size, robustness and ability to double up as a good stills camera.