Genius says the Genius IPCam SECURE300R webcam is designed for office and home users who want a fully featured surveillance system that provides remote, high-quality video monitoring over the internet.

In practice, we found the Genius IPCam SECURE300R was able only to provide more localised webcam-based monitoring.

The Genius IPCam SECURE300R features a built-in web server so you can view images from the camera on any PC, either over a network, or via the internet.

The bundled IDSS04I software allows the Genius IPCam SECURE300R to be placed anywhere within the network without being directly connected to a PC.

Genius supplies a camera stand and kits out the Genius IPCam SECURE300R with an ethernet cable and power adaptor.

The Genius IPCam SECURE300R itself is small enough to fit in your hand, measuring 75x55x30mm. It features six night vision infrared LEDs. These enable premises to be monitored at night as well as during the day and, certainly, we found the resulting images taken in low-light sufficiently clear for our snooping needs.

Setting up the Genius IPCam SECURE300R is a straightforward affair.

It's able to automatically locate an IP address – just type in the password. This gains you access to the Genius IPCam SECURE300R and any images it captures from any PC on the network.

However, when it came to viewing the Genius IPCam SECURE300R's feed from a PC outside the confines of the local network, we weren't able to do so.

Even when manually set up and using a fixed IP address, we were unable to locate the Genius IPCam SECURE300R from an external browser, somewhat negating the usefulness of what ought to be a useful security product.

Triggering port forwarding, resetting the Genius IPCam SECURE300R and reconfiguring it using the manual option to assign the IP address failed to fix this issue – something Genius was also at a loss to explain.


The upshot is that if you need to keep an eye on staff activity – or what your kids are up to – within the confines of your own office network or home network, the Genius IPCam SECURE300R is worth a look and is easy to set up. We're assured by Genius that the hardware will work remotely, but having spent several hours attempting it to work this way, we're not endorsing it for this purpose.