With an occasionally flimsy build - most notably on the output paper tray, the Epson Stylus SX400 also won't win too many fans for its build quality, either.

It can also be a struggle to get the USB cable into its socket on the back of the Epson Stylus SX400 - it's a recess within another deep recess. Also tricky to access is the PictBridge slot, which is slung low behind a flap on the printer's front. The good positioning of the two memory card slots, on the front left, however, partly makes up for that.

The Epson Stylus SX400 uses four separate DuraBrite ink tanks (black, cyan, magenta and yellow), which can be easily installed by lifting up the top half of the printer body. You then have to wait a few minutes for the inks to charge before the Epson is ready to print. Epson says DuraBrite prints on compatible paper have an estimated life of 100 years in a photo album. Our prints passed both the scratch and water tests.

It's apparent from the get-go that the Epson Stylus SX400 makes a bit of a fuss of creating your prints. Mono prints take longer than either of the two Canon's - 5 seconds longer at 19 seconds using the default option in Word. It's also noticeably noisier, to the point of being distracting when making multiple prints. Fortunately, the end result is worth it. Black text on white looks suitably dark with only the slightest hint of feathering at character edges.

The Epson Stylus SX400 is an adept performer when it comes to A4 colour prints too. The default setting spit out our test print in a creditable 4 minutes 2 seconds, but the highest setting took 29 minutes 10 seconds. It's just as well then that in standard mode, the Epson produces results that are among the best in this test.


The Epson Stylus SX400 is a great budget all-in-one that produces excellent results with photo prints – as long as you’re prepared to wait for them.