Enermax sends out the Auroroa sporting a '10 million keystroke lifetime guarantee'. So if you're prepared to count every stroke you may be able to get a new Enermax Aurora Premium for free - in the distant future. On a more serious note, the Enermax Aurora Premium is certified for use with Windows Vista. Enermax says it would like to pitch the Aurora at Mac users, too.

This may remain a pipe dream, however. Although the Enermax Aurora Premium has a similar look to a Mac, and works fine with Mac OS X, substituting the Apple key for the Windows key leads to some serious thumb stretching. And few Mac fans are going to relish a dirty great Windows sign on their keyboard.


It's hardly bursting with features, but the Enermax Aurora Premium is comfortable to use, stylish to look at and feels built to last. If that is worth £60 of your money, the Aurora will be a good purchase. Lend us a tenner?