Is any USB 2.0 PC keyboard worth £60? It's tempting to shout out an unequivocal: 'no', but the updated Enermax Aurora Premium may change a few minds.

For a start, it's stylish. Enermax says that it eschewed wireless capabilities in its latest build of the Aurora, as well as such fripperies as detachable calculators, to focus on the look and feel of the keyboard. And, to an extent, it was a worthwhile exercise.

The brushed black or silver aluminium finish of the main body of the Enermax Aurora Premium gives the keyboard an understated, professional feel. Although the USB 2.0 wire looks a little weedy and cheap, the square-top keys are cushioned and responsive.

Faster typing?

Enermax claims you can type faster on this keyboard because of the responsive feel. We're not convinced, but the Enermax Aurora Premium is an indisputably comfortable tool on which to bash out purple prose. In part this is down to the adjustable three-height stand, the flat profile of the keypad itself, and the extended wrist pad at the keyboard's base. These combine to make it possible to type without putting any weight on your wrists, which remain perpendicular. Ask any occupational health professional and they’ll concur: this could save you a lot of trouble in the future.

One nice touch is the addition of a blue LED on the top righthand corner. This ignites when you hit Caps Lock. We're not convinced anyone uses Caps Lock anymore - except to drive themselves to distraction via mistaken keystrokes - so the early, eye-catching warning is handy to say the least. There are two further LEDs on either side of the Caps Lock alert, but despite hitting every key we couldn't get them to light up. Perhaps they're for serious emergencies only.

There are two USB 2.0 ports - the least you would expect on a keyboard this expensive. The Enermax Aurora Premium also sports audio in and out connectors, and a built-in audio chip, which may relieve strain in tall folk burdened with long necks and short headphone cables. All fine additions, but the build quality in these areas alone fails to convince.

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