The Ecamm Network iMage USB is a webcam that enjoys hassle-free set-up and operation with online chat tools, lots of mounting options and solid build quality.

Looking like a child's building block, the Ecamm Network iMage USB prides itself on being a simple, plug-and-play device with no need for any drivers. Hook it up to an available USB 2.0 port and away you go. But does it really work?

Considering the price tag, the results aren't mind-blowing, but the quick set-up is a definite plus. The Ecamm Network iMage USB has a very compact design and plenty of options for mounting, including a threaded screw hole for a tripod and screw holes for wall fitting.

The Ecamm Network iMage USB has a built-in magnetic mounting option too, although you have to take care where you placed that around a computer hard drive or other sensitive areas. There's no built-in microphone.

It comes with a 640 x 480 1/7in CCD colour sensor that can deliver 15 frames per second (fps) of uncompressed video footage. The Ecamm Network iMage USB's auto white balance and electronic iris controls sound useful, but offer limited improvements.


The Ecamm Network iMage USB is a pretty good all-rounder that’s ideal for online web chats as it’s compatible with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and iChat.