It seems the party never ends at Fujifilm. Only last summer we were praising the FujiFilm FinePix Z5fd for being the ultimate camera for a night out. That was then. Now its time for the Z5 to step away from the podium and make way for the all-singing, all-dancing Fujifilm Z10fd.

As demure and, well, sexy as its predecessor, the Fujifilm Z10fd comes in seven lurid colours, from 'Hot Pink' to something called 'Wasabi Green'.

The more mature adults among us can still opt for a Fujifilm Z10fd in midnight black.

Packed into the Fujifilm Z10fd's simple-yet-elegant casing is an amazing array of features both old and new. Face-recognition technology is included and works as well as ever, as does camera-shake reduction.

All the usual shooting modes are present in the Fujifilm Z10fd, including a new auction mode that allows you to compose two to four shots in one picture. This enables you to show up to four different views of one subject at the same time – invaluable for eBay junkies.

You also get a blog mode that enables the Fujifilm Z10fd to produce ready-made hots for social-networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace, as well blogs.

To make full use of these sharing modes, Fuji has incorporated into the Fujifilm Z10fd an infrared transfer system that allows you to send photographs directly to another compatible camera (well, to be exact, another Fujifilm camera with IrSimple technology).

This proved to be a tricky operation (at best), and we’re still pondering what need you would have for this particular Fujifilm Z10fd function.


The Fujifilm Z10fd is a party animal. It takes great pictures in difficult situations where other cameras could struggle. The build quality is second to none, and even the sliding front panel has a nice feel as it clicks into place. The lens placement is a bit of a problem for us, and we’re sure more than a few photos will be ruined by a large pink finger creeping into the top-left corner. But that’s the only thing wrong with this impressive camera. Just make sure you get it in black.