In its favour, the Fujfilm FinePix Z20fd features a spearhead-shaped sliding faceplate that automatically activates the camera and reveals the lens when opened, while operation is mostly via two large thumb-sized buttons at the rear that both tab through and access menu features.

This allows the Fujfilm FinePix Z20fd to be an exercise in minimalism, its ‘fd' suffix standing for ‘face detection', important in a snapshot device likely mostly to be used for portraits of friends and family.

Dimensions are handily palm-sized and construction metal, in the main. The Fujfilm FinePix Z20fd's internally stacked 3x optical zoom never protrudes from the bodywork, and it's lightweight enough at 111g for slipping into a pocket or handbag.

The 2.5in screen at the rear of the Fujfilm FinePix Z20fd for shot composition or review is disappointingly murky, suggesting its paltry 150K resolution could be further boosted to improve visibility. It's especially poor when shooting indoors.

Other than that, the Fujfilm FinePix Z20fd is as user friendly as you'd expect, being basically point and shoot all the way, its fuss free activation mechanism meaning that you're up and shooting as a photo opportunity presents itself. There's no true mechanical or optical image stabilisation here, just the software-based digital variety.

For users who like to be able to upload photos and video footage straight to Facebook or Flickr or who want to be able to send images straight to a digital photo frame, the wireless connectivity and image transfer feature may catch the eye. This is simply infrared rather than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but still a distinguishing aspect. You also get a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, once unheard of in a camera costing just over £100, lasting for a respectable 200 shots per charge.


For recording images, no removable media is supplied in the box, though there is an option for using either xD-Picture Card or the more common SD variety, plus a 45MB internal capacity to fall back on. Though colourful, there is a disappointing overall softness to the Fujfilm FinePix Z20fd’s pictures, suggesting lens quality wasn’t the primary concern and style has triumphed over substance.