The Canon PowerShot A470 is a good no-frills digital camera at a rock-bottom price.

Children love taking pictures just as much as those of us who should know better, so for many people it's important to buy a camera that works for kids as well as it does for proper grown ups. The Canon PowerShot A470 fits the bill.

The 7.1Mp Canon PowerShot A470 is inexpensive (£75 inc VAT), so you don't have to worry about the damage a toddler might do to it. And you don't have to trade image quality for price; in our lab tests, the Canon PowerShot A470 performed as well as several far more expensive cameras.

Still, there are some trade-offs to this bargain camera. The Canon PowerShot A470's battery life was only fair in our lab tests, and it lacks image stabilisation, which means you'll need a steady hand or a tripod to prevent photos from looking blurry.

The Canon PowerShot A470's optical zoom tops out at 3.4X, but even working with that limited range we managed to capture some great playground shots during our testing. The Canon PowerShot A470 also lacks any manual focus settings, although you do get 14 shooting modes - plenty to keep a casual photographer entertained.

The 2.5in LCD screen on the PowerShot A470 has no viewfinder, so you have to rely on the LCD screen, which tends to get washed out in outdoor light. And unlike other cameras in the same price range, this Canon PowerShot A470 is too big to fit into an adult's jeans pocket (to say nothing of a toddler's).

On a more positive note, the Canon PowerShot A470's shutter speed is excellent - we never missed a shot while waiting for the camera to respond after clicking the button.


All in all, the Canon PowerShot A470 is a good no-frills camera at a rock-bottom price, with an easy learning curve. A three-year-old can take good pictures with the Canon PowerShot A470, so you can, too.