The WIKI MP4 Digital Video Camera is powered by a pair of AA batteries (not supplied) and the coverplate that conceals them unclips almost without you trying to do so. We preferred the solidity of the Flip Video MinoHD and its internal battery that charges direct from a USB connection.

What we did like about the WIKI MP4 Digital Video Camera, though, is its smart, uncluttered looks and its relatively generous 2in colour TFT display.

It emulates the innovative Flip Video MinoHD camcorder by having an integrated male USB connector. The WIKI MP4 Digital Video Camera's slides up rather than flipping out and is concealed by a piece of rubber.

The SD card you need to store video footage is halfway down the opposite side of the candybar-style unit; curiously, this is also where the WIKI MP4 Digital Video Camera's internal microphone is sited. As with several low-cost video camera models, the SD card needs to be bought separately, though you at least get a 32MB internal memory on which to store the odd Jpeg.

The £60 WIKI MP4 Digital Video Camera's build is better than that of the lumpen Disgo Video Fun or the cheap-feeling Advent ADV-PVC1. Parents note, it's not as sturdy as the Kodak or Creative Vado HD models though.

However, its target market is fairly young: the WIKI MP4 Digital Video Camera makes a curious wibbly sound when you switch it on or off and displays a Bye-bye message when you switch it off.

There's a lock switch on the base of the WIKI MP4 Digital Video Camera along with a screw mount for a tripod, and you can shuttle between lo and hi resolution via a final hardware switch. The low-resolution setting is for 320x240 video while the high-resolution option produces 640x240-pixel video, both at 30 frames per second.

When we tested out the WIKI MP4 Digital Video Camera on a bright, sunny day, we found the 2in screen flooded with light, such that we couldn't see what we were filming. The footage didn't look bad (though rather overexposed) but it was very much a hit and miss affair.

We've never seem a preview screen on which we could make out so little. We were pleased to find a zoom, however, and a (mono only) TV-out connection.


There’s nothing much to dislike about the WIKI MP4 Digital Video Camera, but nothing that really sells it to us, aside from its £60 price tag. The generous preview screen would have lifted it a little in our estimation, but since the display itself proved so poor a viewfinder, we could hardly commend it. The lowly recording resolution and pedestrian design didn’t help either.