The JVC Everio GZ-HD5 is a digital camcorder that uses three charge-coupled devices (CCDs) to record high-definition video to its built-in 60GB hard drive.

The quality of the video captured on the JVC Everio GZ-HD5 was decent - although we've seen better), and the quirky methods necessary to transfer the video to your Mac are far from elegant.

Light and compact, the barrel-shaped JVC Everio GZ-HD5 fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, with the record, zoom and, snapshot controls within easy reach for one-handed filming.

The JVC Everio GZ-HD5 lacks a viewfinder, which would have been helpful for shooting in bright sunlight, but the 2.8in widescreen LCD was bright enough for most situations.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery protrudes out of the back of the JVC Everio GZ-HD5 a little further than a typical battery would, looking like an optional, high-capacity battery rather than standard equipment.

Unfortunately, despite its bulk, the JVC Everio GZ-HD5's battery's charge lasted only 67 minutes of recording time. JVC does sell an optional battery that lasts about 50 percent longer than the standard model and is about half an inch longer.

The JVC Everio GZ-HD5 records to a 60GB internal hard drive, capable of holding up to five hours of full HD (1,980 by 1,080i) video; there's also a microSD card slot for even more storage capacity.

The JVC Everio GZ-HD5 features a cold accessory shoe that can accommodate JVC's optional stereo microphone. This optional mic can be powered from the microphone jack located on the back of the camera, just above the battery.

Aside from Auto and Manual modes, the JVC Everio GZ-HD5 offers Sports, Snow, Twilight, Portrait, and Spotlight presets, although finding them might be something of a challenge. The camcorder's menu system is a little difficult to follow, and it's hard to find the settings you want. Some buttons are located around the LCD screen, and others are on the side of the camera; you must keep turning the JVC Everio GZ-HD5 in order to find the button to push next.

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